Superclusters’ projects still on track despite COVID-19

More than 85 industry-led projects supported by Canada’s five superclusters are all continuing despite the COVID-19 crisis, the superclusters’ CEOs told a Research Money webinar today.

While spending on some projects has slowed and some smaller companies in the superclusters are struggling to find capital, none of the industry partners has dropped out of a project, the five CEOs said. That includes both non-COVID-19 projects as well as projects focused specifically on responding to COVID-19.

“Not a single project has been cancelled as a result of COVID,” said Sue Paish, CEO of the Canada Digital Technology Supercluster – a point the other CEOs underscored.

In addition to Paish, CEOs participating in the webinar were: Julien Billot (Scale AI), Jayson Myers (Next Generation Manufacturing Canada), Kendra MacDonald (Canada’s Ocean Supercluster), and Bill Gruel (Protein Industries Canada).

There were 91 registered for the 90-minute webinar, moderated by Research Money’s publisher Jeffrey Crelinsten.

Check next week’s (May 6) issue of R$’s Innovation This Week for a story on the webinar and the issues discussed.