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Canada's outdated flood maps are a liability. New funding could finally change that

As the climate heats up, severe flooding has taken lives and damaged communities in Western Europe, India, and China this summer. Canada has been spared extreme flooding but the risk here is just as real: Flooding is already the country’s most widespread and costly natural disaster. Part of the solution lies in updating the country’s flood maps, the majority of which are 20 to 25 years out of date. New federal support could make that a priority, but Canadians are already paying the price of inaction.

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Number 7

Volume 35 July 21 2021

Sebastian Leck

International science collaborations have never been more active than during the pandemic. The sharing of scientific information across borders — from genomic datasets to open-access journal articles — has allowed for rapid progress in the fight against COVID-19 that would otherwise have been hamstrung.

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Opinion: Addressing Canada’s digital divide requires equitable access to data

Canada needs to address inequities in who has access to the power and promise of data science and advanced analytics, including by supporting training for grassroots, charitable and community organizations to collect, access and manage data, Kelly Nolan, an external affairs and equity, diversity and inclusion expert based in Ottawa, says in an op-ed.

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Opinion Leader:
Wilf Keller

National climate plan needs to focus on foundational public research and transformative Canadian technologies

Canada’s national climate plan needs a complementary approach focused on long-term public research and innovation to develop transformative Canadian technologies, including novel approaches to carbon management, Wilf Keller, Vice-President, Outreach at the Agri-food Innovation Council, says in an op-ed.

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Canada and EU deepen research partnerships as Horizon Europe talks enter new phase

As the global geopolitical landscape shifts, Canada and the European Union are deepening bilateral cooperation on research and innovation. At the EU-Canada Joint Summit in Brussels in mid June, leaders announced new partnerships on health, the oceans and raw materials, and agreed to launch exploratory discussions on Canada joining Horizon Europe, the EU’s new €100-billion research program. 

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