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The Short Report - August 3, 2022: CAMH awarded the first federal psilocybin study grant; C6 Launch Systems prepares for suborbital test at a foreign spaceport; Ottawa launches calls for Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund projects, and more.

CAMH receives first CIHR grant to study psilocybin and its effect on treatment-resistant depression; Toronto-based C6 Launch Systems prepares for its first suborbital test at a foreign spaceport through its Brazilian subsidiary, Ottawa makes $40 million available for projects that deliver business supports for women entrepreneurs, and more.

Health Canada levels the field for GMOs

Changes by Health Canada to the way it regulates food-based products developed with gene editing technologies is a “game-changer” for Canadian food production, says an agri-food innovation scientist.

The Short Report - July 27, 2022: Ottawa launches next phase of its ocean protection program, a new policy agreement for Canada's agricultural partnership, funding to fight online disinformation, and more.

Ottawa invests in marine safety as part of the next phase of the Oceans Protection Plan; federal, provincial, and territorial Ministers of Agriculture reach an agreement for the new Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership, fighting disinformation on COVID and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and more.

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Volume 36 July 20 2022


Even as Canada tries to minimize the economic and environmental impact of fossil fuels, policy makers must confront new challenges posed by obtaining the raw materials to produce technological alternatives to these fuels.

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The Short Report - July 20, 2022: Another step toward a vertically-integrated EV supply chain for Ontario, an Atlantic alliance to advance ocean science, a boost for digital innovation in Canada, and more.

Umicore set to build industrial scale battery materials manufacturing plant in Ontario; Ottawa commits to advancing cooperative ocean science and sustainability with international partners, India’s Tata Consultancy Services opens Pace Port Toronto to spur digital innovation, and more.

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Energy and resource tables to serve regional green energy strengths

The federal government is creating a series of forums to allow representatives from the country’s energy and resource sectors to contribute to the development of a national low-carbon industrial strategy. These forums are aimed at a wide range of public and private participants, who will be asked for observations and proposals that reflect the varying needs of each region.

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Innovation and imagery — Montreal team boldly goes

A team of Montreal researchers are preparing to use the an instrument they designed for the James Webb Space Telescope, which will help them analyse the atmospheric composition of planets orbiting around distant stars. This Canadian contribution to the deep-space telescope means scientists from this country will have preferred access to this sophisticated instrument, which will be in high demand.

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Message from the Publisher

I find it somewhat prophetic, and possibly hopeful, that a heightened appreciation
and desire to honour and include Indigenous ways of knowing is coming at a time of environmental crisis. The lived experience and accumulated wisdom of people who have lived here on the land for millennia will undoubtedly balance and temper the intellectual insights and technological ingenuity of the newcomers who currently wield power and need to learn how to share it for the greater good.

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Marking a Eureka moment

Canada is now a full member of the Eureka network, an international R&D consortium that includes more than 40 countries on five continents. Over the past decade some 300 Canadians have participated in Eureka projects, which have been worth more than $500 million.

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Opinion Leader: Psychedelic agents open up new therapeutic frontiers

Canada can be a leader in delivering widespread, well-regulated psychedelic-assisted therapy for people with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and substance abuse, by investing in research, educating health care professionals and providing the necessary clinical infrastructure, Dr. Ross Marshall, chief scientific officer at The Newly Institute based in Calgary, says in an op-ed.

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Hydrogen heavyweights hit Alberta highways

The largest hydrogen-powered trucks ever to hit the road in North America will be operating in Alberta next year, as part of a major initiative to move this important transportation sector to the zero-emission fuel.

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Nurturing the entrepreneurial mind-set

Simon Fraser University, in collaboration with the research organization Mitacs, is mounting a concerted effort to provide students across the campus with access to courses and services to help them develop an entrepreneurial outlook on their work. Elicia Maine, who recently became a special advisor to the university’s VP Research and International, says these extensive efforts will benefit these students in their career paths as well as enhancing the talent available for Canada’s innovation ecosystem.

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The Short Report - July 6, 2022: Funding to address trauma in frontline workers, a name change for the superclusters initiative, topping up patient-oriented research in Sask. and Manitoba, a new ED for SNOLAB, and more.

Ottawa invests more than $28 million to address PTSD and trauma in frontline and essential workers; the supercluster program gets a name change from Minister Champagne; patient-oriented research funding for Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Dr. Jody Cooley is appointed new ED at SNOLAB, and more.

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Taking stock of young people's outlook on science and technology

The Canada Foundation for Innovation and l’Association canadienne-française pour l’avancement des sciences hosted an on-line discussion to discuss the implications of a national survey of young people’s attitudes toward science. The ensuing discussion revealed the dominance of social media in determining those attitudes, which can range from eager enthusiasm to disinterest and mistrust. Participants also frame a series of Calls to Action for organizations to develop working relationships with Canadian youth around scientific matters.

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