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The Short Report - July 8, 2020: A new innovation hub for Toronto, National Bank doubles down on Nest Wealth, and more

The Bank of Canada is partnering with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to launch a BIS Innovation Hub in Toronto; National Bank of Canada’s venture-capital arm NAventures announced it will make an additional minority investment of up to $50-million in Toronto-based robo-advisor Nest Wealth; the federal government will invest $40 million over three years in the Union Training and Innovation Program; and more.

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Number 6

Volume 34 June 17 2020

Mark Mann

Brock University chemistry professor Tomas Hudlicky thought he was fighting on behalf of merit-based advancement in research and higher education. In fact, he was fighting against it.

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Opinion Leader:
Ali Ardakani

Why Canada needs a national vaccine strategy

The private sector has little appetite for manufacturing small-volume, niche vaccines for pandemic viruses. That’s why any primary manufacturing facility for vaccines like COVID-19 need to be federally owned and operated.

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Opinion Leader

Opinion: Pandemic preparedness requires a one-health approach that links human and veterinary medicine

Planning needs to begin now for the next disease outbreak, beginning with stronger linkages between human and animal research facilities.

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