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Volume 34 October 28 2020

Mark Mann

In this era of rapid change and economic upheaval, Canada’s leading STI organizations must balance an array of complex and urgent priorities. It’s easy to let communication take a back seat, but storytelling is essential to the success of any innovation endeavor.

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The emerging Indigenous economy is essential to Canada’s future prosperity

Amidst daily media reports of conflicts between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people on everything from fishing rights to safe drinking water, a speaker at the recent Research Money conference offered a more optimistic view on the economic potential of Indigenous engagement and empowerment.

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CanCOVID model could transform how research responds to future crises

COVID-19 has brought about new models of research coordination and knowledge mobilization that could endure long after the pandemic subsides. One of those models is CanCOVID—a virtual network where researchers, clinicians and healthcare professionals can communicate with each other in real time, and with industry and policymakers. Launched by Canada’s Departmental Science Advisor Network, it could transform Canada’s response to future crises.

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Opinion Leader

COVID-19 shows the importance of evidence-informed decision-making

While we’ve seen some encouraging steps taken in Canada during COVID-19, there are still major challenges facing science and evidence-informed decision-making.

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Translational research on spinal cord injury receives $48-million award from DARPA

Canadian researchers are a core part of an international consortium of universities, startups and nonprofit organizations that has received a $48-million, 5-year grant from DARPA focused on improving paralysis in patients who have suffered acute spinal cord injury. Dr. Brian Kwon, MD, a spine surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, Canada Research Chair in Spinal Cord Injury and professor of Orthopaedics at the University of British Columbia, is leading the Canadian team.

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Strategic federal investment and better data needed to support clean growth, says national research institute

The federal government needs to invest more strategically in clean technologies and improve data gathering to support climate goals, clean economic growth and Canadians’ well-being, says a new report by the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. Yet despite several challenges which include COVID-19, Canada’s clean tech industry continues to grow, speakers told Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s annual meeting.

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