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Number 9

Volume 35 September 23 2021

Sebastian Leck

On the face of it, little has changed after the votes were counted for the federal election on Monday. Yet the election introduced new innovation ideas and promises, and will constitute somewhat of a restart for the Liberal government.

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By the Numbers: R&D in Canada's aerospace industry

Canada has the fifth largest aerospace industry in the world and 93 percent of Canadian aerospace firms export products to other countries. But aerospace employment and share of GDP have been decreasing since 2012, according to research on the sector.

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Q&A: Quebec's Chief Scientist shares lessons on science advice during a pandemic

Global leaders in science advice and science diplomacy will come together next week in Montreal to discuss how to “Build Back Wiser” after the COVID-19 pandemic. Research Money spoke with Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Quebec, about how the pandemic has shaped science advisory systems globally, and how INGSA2021 could contribute to creating stronger and more dynamic ties between scientists and policymakers.

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Opinion Leader:
Carl Martel

Policy change and more innovation needed to reap the benefits of industrial cannabis

Policy change and more innovation are needed for Canada to realize the many benefits of industrial cannabis, including its nutritious food value, its ability to reduce carbon emissions and its potential for energy storage, says Carl Martel, an independent scientist and founder of the Ottawa-based Advanced Botanical and Biomass Research Institute, in an op-ed.

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