Latest Issue:

Number 10

Volume 35 October 20 2021

Sebastian Leck

After a tight federal election in September, much of our reporting this last month has touched on the quest to build networks of partners and programs that work together in a virtuous cycle, writes Sebastian Leck, Research Money’s managing editor.

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Q&A with Nizar Ladak, CEO of the Digital Research Alliance of Canada, on integrating digital research infrastructure

Research Money spoke with Nizar Ladak, CEO of the Digital Research Alliance (formerly the New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization), created in 2019 to integrate and improve digital tools for Canadian researchers. We discussed the new organization’s journey and how it can ensure that Canadian researchers have the digital tools they need to tackle society’s problems today and in the future.

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Opinion Leader: A Canadian DARPA will need an enabling ecosystem to succeed

As Canada and other countries look to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a model to drive innovation, it is vital to recognize that DARPA isn’t simply a “plug and play” model but requires a supportive, integrated ecosystem and an enabling culture, says Dr. Camille Boulet, PhD, senior partner at Global Advantage Consulting, in an op-ed.

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