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Translational research on spinal cord injury receives $48-million award from DARPA

Canadian researchers are a core part of an international consortium of universities, startups and nonprofit organizations that has received a $48-million, 5-year grant from DARPA focused on improving paralysis in patients who have suffered acute spinal cord injury. Dr. Brian Kwon, MD, a spine surgeon at Vancouver General Hospital, Canada Research Chair in Spinal Cord Injury and professor of Orthopaedics at the University of British Columbia, is leading the Canadian team.

Strategic federal investment and better data needed to support clean growth, says national research institute

The federal government needs to invest more strategically in clean technologies and improve data gathering to support climate goals, clean economic growth and Canadians’ well-being, says a new report by the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices. Yet despite several challenges which include COVID-19, Canada’s clean tech industry continues to grow, speakers told Sustainable Development Technology Canada’s annual meeting.

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Number 9

Volume 34 September 23 2020

Mark Mann

Anti-science conspiracies and attitudes are waxing, not waning. The federal government must send a powerful signal to Canadians that it is following the best advice to chart a path through the pandemic. 

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Opinion Leader:
Jim Balsillie

Opinion: The banality of Canadian discourse on research commercialization

Jim Balsillie responds to expert criticism on the focus and merits of Ontario’s new IP plan. Balsillie chaired the Expert Panel on Intellectual Property for the Government of Ontario and is leading the implementation of its recommendations.

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Human genome editing is not safe for clinical use, but nations must prepare: Report

A highly anticipated report says heritable genome editing, using tools like CRISPR to create edits that can be passed down to future generations, is not yet safe enough for clinical use. But it also provides specific guidance on how nations should prepare for the eventual use of CRISPR or other gene editing tools, defining a translational pathway from research to the clinic.

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Experts are questioning the focus and merits of Ontario’s new IP plan

Some academic researchers are questioning the focus and merits of Ontario’s new IP plan and whether it’s the right policy tool to achieve the province’s economic goals. But the plan’s supporters say it will help generate intellectual property and commercialize research done by post-secondary institutions for the benefit of Ontario’s economy.

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Researchers fear National Dementia Strategy may falter

One year after the launch of Canada’s first national dementia strategy, the optimism surrounding the announcement is fading. Funding is beginning to trickle out in support of dementia awareness programs. But plans to implement the strategy, and the funding needed to fully support implementation, have yet to materialize.

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Opinion Leader:
Abdullah Snobar

Opinion: Strengthening Black entrepreneurship will boost our economy’s potential. Here’s why.

Despite its progressive image, the tech startup world is by no means immune to the problem of systemic racism. We must call on both public and private sectors to support underrepresented entrepreneurs as an explicit part of our action plan for economic recovery. 

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The Short Report – September 23rd, 2020: New climate fund aims to boost awareness and research, Iain Stewart departs NRC for PHAC, and more

Iain Stewart becomes the new president of the Public Health Agency of Canada on Sept. 28th; OnCall Health seeks to expand partnerships and customers with its new round of funding; the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program and Innovate BC sign an MOU; the Canada Foundation for Innovation appoints three new members to its board.

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By the Numbers: Canadian IP and tech transfer in focus

The last few years have seen mounting pressure on universities, innovation intermediaries and governments in Canada to take stronger action to support IP development and patent generation. Here’s a look at the current situation and stakes for Canadian IP strategies.

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The Short Report - August 26, 2020: Ottawa wants a data-driven approach to housing, federally backed Newfoundland startup launches prototype, and more

The St. John’s, Newfoundland-based tech startup Avalon Holographics launched its first-generation prototype display; the federal government will launch the first round of its $300-million Housing Supply Challenge, focused on the provision of reliable housing data; Alberta Premier Jason Kenney put Doug Schweitzer at the head of his new ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation; and more.

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