The 22nd Annual Research Money Conference
Date: April 18-20th, 2023
Location: National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON
Price: $820.00 (until March 17, 2023)

Event Summary

Reimagining innovation:

a new strategy in a disrupted world

Research Money has been reporting for more than two decades on organizations and individuals involved in Canada’s knowledge-based economy and the policies and programs that affect them. Our annual conference has been bringing together diverse stakeholders from this community here and abroad to share their experiences and tackle some of the economic and social challenges around science, technology and innovation. After three years of a global pandemic and three successful virtual conferences, we’re bringing people together in person again.

With a new innovation and investment agency just coming on stream, we’re taking a deep dive into innovation policy and practice. Canada is a rich country with a highly educated population. Our natural resources endowments represent about 6% of the world’s natural resources. Our human capital amounts to less than half a percent. How are we going to mobilize our relatively small number of people to find new ways of tackling domestic and world problems and generate economic growth in doing so? Innovation is the key to this challenge.

We’ll look at the issues through three lenses. Understanding innovation, Doing innovation and Supporting innovation. We’ll approach each topic with an overarching question.


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Day One:

Understanding Innovation

Question: What exactly is innovation and what is it not?

Dan Breznitz will lead off the discussion, followed by Dave Watters and the Global Advantage team who will analyze federal Budget 2023 and whether and how it addresses innovation policy specifically.

Expert panels will compare how policy makers and companies measure innovation success, the role of research in innovation, and how international collaboration will drive innovation in an increasingly disrupted world.

Day Two:


Question: How are Canadian innovators making it real for the rest of us?

Founders of Canadian innovative firms will share personal experiences growing their companies, the role innovation has played in their growth and how their future growth will benefit Canada and the rest of the world.

Expert panels will look at how indigenous business leaders have succeeded, how venture capital helps or hinders the growth of Canadian anchor firms,  social innovation and the role of social enterprises,and IP policies and strategies.

Day Three:

Supporting Innovation

Question: What policy supports do innovative companies need?

Expert panels will examine how the federal government's new innovation initiatives are being integrated with existing policies and programs, the role of provincial governments in delivering innovation policy, the role of municipalities and communities in stimulating innovation, and the role of foreign multinationals in local innovation ecosystems.

Conference Sponsors

Conference Speakers
Dan Breznitz
University Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and the Department of Political Science

Dave Watters
President of Global Advantage Consulting Group

Omer Kaya
CEO of Global Advantage Consulting Group

Catherine Beaudry
Professor of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering at Polytechnique Montreal

Elicia Maine
W.J VanDusan Professor of Innovation & entrepreneurship at the Beedie School of Business

Stephanie Michaud
President & CEO of BioCanRx

Nicole Arbour
Executive Director of the Belmont Forum

Lissa Matyas
Vice-President of Global Government Affairs

Mark Maybank
Co-founder and Managing Partner at Maverix Private Equity

Rob Atkinson
President of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF)

Dr. Sandra Lapointe
Professor of Philosophy and Director of The/La Collaborative at McMaster University

Stefan Leslie
Chief Executive Officer of Research Nova Scotia (RNS)

RĂ©mi Quirion
Chief Scientist of Quebec

Catherine McKenney
Executive Director of CitySHAPES

Conference Agenda
Tuesday, April 18th
Wednesday, April 19th
Thursday, April 20th

Date: April 18-20th, 2023
Location: National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON
Price: $820.00 (until March 17, 2023)


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