Topic: SR&ED

Canada’s next industrial strategy needs to focus on business innovation

By Bert van den Berg The New North Star II report should be lauded for suggesting the creation of a national, challenge-driven industrial strategy.  As others have noted, such a strategy would represent an important change for Canada. Past decades have seen a laissez-faire approach focused on ensuring favourable business conditions … an approach that…

Except Greens, campaigning parties silent on support for STI

With the exception of the Green Party, scant attention is being paid to STI funding and policy issues as the parties compete on so-called pocketbook issues while ignoring the critical underpinnings of the knowledge economy.

MPs see resource industry’s problems as potential boon for clean tech

Clean technology and traditional resource industries like oil and gas may seem like strange bedfellows but federal politicians hope closer ties between the sectors will enable Canada to meet two of its biggest challenges: reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and creating jobs. Debbie Lawes reports

Tara Cosgrove

The Canada Revenue Agency has appointed Tara Cosgrove as DG responsible for the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit program. Cosgrove replaces acting DG Hélène Marquis who assumed the role when former DG Lucie Bergevin departed in 2016. Prior to her appointment, Cosgrove was corporate secretary of CRA’s strategy and integration branch.