Topic: quantum technology

Quantum Valley Ideas Lab gets DARPA funding to develop quantum sensing technologies

DARPA, the U.S. defence-related R&D agency, is on everyone’s lips as a Canadian version of the agency became a promise in more than one party platform. Quantum Valley Ideas Lab, an independent research institute in Waterloo, Ont., is participating in new DARPA programs to move quantum technologies out of the laboratory and into the real world.

As the federal government launches a quantum strategy, researchers say nurturing a long-term, cohesive ecosystem is key

The federal government is leaning on quantum technology to help restore and drive long-term economic growth. But realizing a national quantum strategy will require a sustained commitment, enhanced coordination, and a commitment to addressing the societal, ethical, legal and policy implications of the quantum revolution, Canada’s quantum leaders told Research Money.

New federal budget could include funding for a quantum institute as global race for quantum tech heats up

When Budget 2021 drops on April 19, some of Canada’s quantum researchers and entrepreneurs will be holding their breath. That is because the Standing Committee on Finance published a budget recommendation in February urging the federal government to “financially support the establishment of a quantum computing research institute in the Toronto area, similar to the Vector Institute.”