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The Short Report, July 10, 2019: Nuclear power, future skills, health tech

A planned $100-million infusion for Alberta’s artificial intelligence sector — promised in February by then-governing NDP leader Rachel Notley — is on hold, as Premier Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party scrutinizes the investment. Edmonton-based AI hub Amii (Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute) was slated to to use some of the funds to open a Calgary office, but…

Emerging Tech: Creating a Quantum Canada

Seed-stage companies are bolstering Canada’s position as a global leader in quantum science and technology. The question of how to maintain and grow that advantage—built through sustained investment in quantum research and development—has never been more urgent and is preoccupying academics, policymakers and innovators across the country.

TRIUMF, German institutions sign quantum computing tie-up

TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre, leads a group of Canadian organizations that have signed a memorandum of understanding with German institutions to be able to collaborate on quantum computing and machine learning R&D and training. TRIUMF is joined by TRIUMF Innovations, its commercialization arm, and Canadian partners D-Wave Systems Inc. and 1QBit in a tie-up…

TRIUMF business arm looking into broader industry collaborations

Can science and business fruitfully cohabitate? It’s possible. And it’s happening in a Vancouver university campus where physicists can be found hard at work on their cyclotron particle accelerator in one room while industry people are in another room testing for radiation particles. These are common-day activities in TRIUMF, one of Canada’s large-scale research facilities, which is home to hundreds of researchers from academia, other research institutes and industry from across Canada and around the world.

National Cyber Security Strategy launched

The federal government has released a new National Cyber Security Strategy based in part on a Cyber Review with public consultations conducted in 2016 and first announced in Budget 2018.

Bank of Canada teams up with CDL on new tech for financial services

The Bank of Canada will team up with the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) to learn more about emerging technologies and their applications in financial services. In line with its 2019–2021 Medium-Term Plan, the Bank forged the partnership to keep abreast of developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, crypto currencies and quantum computing. The partnership with…

Dr Richard Florizone

Dalhousie Univ’s president is leaving the Nova Scotia university to join an innovation lab in Ontario. Dalhousie’s chair of the Board of Governors, Lawrence Stordy, announced on the university website that Dr Richard Florizone will be leaving Dalhousie for Quantum Valley Ideas Lab of Waterloo in the new year. Florizone, who has a PhD in…