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CAPI report fleshes out targets and actions required to make Canada a globally competitive agriculture and agri-food superpower

Last year’s Barton panel report on the agri-food sector continues to resonate with additional consultation and analysis of its recommended policies and actions aimed at sustainably boosting exports to $75 billion by 2025.

The Canadian Agri-food Policy Institute (CAPI) launched a series of workshops to determine what specific actions are required to achieve the sector’s export objectives with a subsequent report – Barton Forward: Optimizing Growth in the Canadian Agri-Food Sector – posing and answering four key questions:

Feds announce chairs of Economic Strategy Tables

The federal government has appointed the chairs of four of the six Economic Strategy Tables that were announced in the last federal Budget as part of its new Innovation and Skills Plan. The industry leaders represent six high-growth sectors singled out by the government as having the best prospects for achieving innovative economic growth and…