Topic: Climate Change

Quebec critical mineral strategy blurs environmental lines

As the world gathers in Montreal to consider how to preserve the world’s threatened biodiversity, many observers see a threat that is too close to home — extracting minerals to make electric vehicles and fight climate change, in natural settings that might be better left alone.

Looking inland for oceanic inspiration

Young people in Ontario may not live near the ocean, but a survey reveals that many of them care deeply about this massive ecosystem and want careers in the growing Blue Economy.

Looking offshore for new carbon sinks

Researchers have generally looked on land for places to store carbon to mitigate climate climate change. A team led by the University of Victoria is now looking around Canada’s extensive coastline for undersea sites that might do an even better job.

Mining feels public love, and the market pressure

Canadians support the environmentally positive potential of the country’s mining sector. According to the Mining Association of Canada, governments need to catch up with this public sentiment.

Canada urged to “go deep” on geothermal energy

“Ultra-deep” geothermal could supply all of Canada with clean electricity and heat hundreds of times over, but proponents see governments and the private sector ignoring this energy source.