Article Type: Opinion Leader

Ron Freedman

A Bridge Too Far?
By Ron Freedman, Partner, The Impact Group

It’s time we did something to bridge the widening gulf between two pillars of our national system of innovation; federal laboratories and universities.

John de la Mothe

Eyes Wide Shut
By John de la Mothe

Let’s begin with three things we all know. First, information is of critical importance to the international knowledge economy, and Canadian researchers, firms and government officials need to become expert intelligence gatherers and users.

Monty Little

By Monty Little, Chairman, Science Council of British Columbia

“British Columbia? That’s a resource-based province, isn’t it? They’ll be looking for some support for their forest, mining and fisheries industries.

Dr Douglas Barber

Supporting Research and Teaching in the Information Age
By Dr Douglas Barber, President & CEO, Gennum Corporation

In the 20th Century, work changed from being predominantly physical, to being predominantly knowledge-based.

The Hon John Manley, Minister of Industry

Investing in Innovation
By The Hon John Manley,
Minister of Industry

It is imperative that we innovate. The Government of Canada has been promoting and encouraging innovation for the last six years.