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John de la Mothe

Creative Construction
By John de la Mothe

Now that the dust from the federal elections is settling, it’s an opportune time to get back to business and speculate on where the government should be going in terms of science and technology (S&T) policy.

Gaylen Duncan

It’s About More than Tax Cuts
By Gaylen Duncan

Item: The Finance minister, under the banner of a crusade for innovation and enterprise, announces the largest tax cut in Canadian history and a massive one time investment in university R&D.

Peter Hall

Applying new computer grid technology to biodiversity
By Peter Hall

In recent issues of RE$EARCH MONEY, guest columnists Andrew Bjerring and Bill St. Arnaud of CANARIE described new computation initiatives that constitute a “second Internet generation” for research.

Dr Andrew K Bjerring and Bill St Arnaud, CANARIE Inc

Research has Role to Play in Internet’s Evolution, Part II
By Dr Andrew K Bjerring and Bill St Arnaud, CANARIE Inc

Use of the Internet has exploded to such an extent in the past five years that it will soon be facing some extraordinary challenges, particularly in scaling up to meet service expectations.

Andrew K Bjerring and Bill St Arnaud

The Internet is Transforming How We Conduct Research, Part I
By Andrew K Bjerring and Bill St Arnaud

In 1985, the National Science Foundation (NSF) created the world’s first Internet backbone to link its five supercomputer centers to each other and to their respective user communities at universities across the United States.

Stephen Wetmore

Taking advantage of the New Economy opportunities in Atlantic Canada
by Stephen Wetmore

Like the successful merger that created Aliant, the federal government’s new Atlantic Investment Partnership is an opportunity knocking on the door to our region’s future.

Thomas E. Clarke

Why Canada Needs a Technology Transfer Act
By Thomas E. Clarke

The management of intellectual property (IP) within the federal government is out-of-date. Current legislation and policies do little to ensure fairness, legitimacy and consistency in the assignment of IP rights to external contractors and the distribution of monetary rewards to internal (government scientific/technical personnel) IP developers.

Steven B Kurtz

Economic Dematerialization – Myth or Reality?
By Steven B Kurtz

As global investment flows have pumped up information technology (IT), artificial intelligence (AI), e-trading and e-retailing, many planners claim that Canada’s economy is undergoing a paradigm shift.

Dr David B. Shindler

The Future is Now for Biomedical Research in Canada
By Dr David B. Shindler, CEO, Milestone Medica Corporation

Nearly 20 years ago, the National Biotechnology Advisory Committee (NBAC) reported to the federal government that Canada had serious limitations in its capability to commercialize biotechnology inventions.

Ron Freedman

A Bridge Too Far?
By Ron Freedman, Partner, The Impact Group

It’s time we did something to bridge the widening gulf between two pillars of our national system of innovation; federal laboratories and universities.