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Ron Woodward

R&D in Canada’s Colleges & Institutes: Challenge & Opportunity
By Ron Woodward

There are more than 200 colleges and institutes in Canada that serve 1,950,000 students annually. These institutions are well-known for providing skilled workers to and industry and for ensuring the relevance of the country’s work force through lifelong learning opportunities.

Robert Fripp

Convergence of IT and bioinformatics offers limitless potential
By Robert Fripp

The coming bioinformatics age is likely to make the silicon age of the past 50 years look like a dress rehearsal. Molecular computation will play an increasing role in computational science, horizons for which will expand in ways we cannot yet know.

Dr John de la Mothe

Team Play, Not Cash Grabs
By Dr John de la Mothe

OK let’s have it. Canadians have been promised an innovation strategy for years. Now we really need one. In 1983 we were convinced that innovation R&D was critical to our future, to our competitiveness and our standards of living in an integrated, knowledge-based economy.

H.Douglas Barber and Jocelyn Ghent Mallett

Getting from 15th to 5th – what will it take?
By H.Douglas Barber and Jocelyn Ghent Mallett

“We must strive for Canada to become one of the top five countries for research and development performance by 2010.

William Buxton

The Cost of Saving Money: The Folly of Research Funding Policy in Canada (Part 2 of 2)
By William Buxton

Canada’s current research and science and technology policies are a raging success in incenting researchers to focus on “applied” problems, to the point where they hold “meet markets” where they try to link up with corporate partners, who will help them qualify for funding.

William Buxton

The Cost of Saving Money: The Folly of Research Funding Policy in Canada (Part 1 of 2)
By William Buxton

Research funding in Canada is being transformed by cutbacks in public funding, a bias towards technology disciplines, pressure for academic research to become more self-funding by licensing intellectual property, and a very strong bias towards applied research which is co-funded by commercial concerns.

Robert Fripp

Growth in a Green Age
By Robert Fripp

A tight focus on training and technology distorts the national debate on productivity by downplaying a third factor: achieving efficiencies by reducing (or rethinking) inputs into manufacturing, construction and transportation.

John de la Mothe

Coordinate or Sink
By John de la Mothe

One thing we forget about Program Review is its call to coordinate policy horizontally. Silos are out. Science, technology, research and innovation policies cannot be looked at as stand-alones.

Dr Murray McLaughlin

Agriculture and Food – Is it really the Industry of the 21st Century?
By Dr Murray McLaughlin

The demand for food will escalate as surely as the world population rises to 9 billion within the next 30 years, and more of the developing world will demand more diverse and higher quality food as they see their incomes increase.

Peter McGeer

Rethinking our support for R&D
By Peter McGeer

Are Canadians slow learners? It would seem so. Although we have recognized that innovation is the key to growth in our economy, we have not yet learned what the drivers of innovation are.