Article Type: Opinion Leader

Dr Darren Lawless

SR&ED — An essential tool in Canada’s innovation toolbox
By Dr Darren Lawless

Recently Paul Martin set the ambitious goal of moving Canada from 15th to 5th by 2010 in R&D spending as measured by the GERD to GDP ratio.

Adam Holbrook

Correlation does not imply causation…
By Adam Holbrook

It is said that the phrase “correlation does not imply causation” is carved over the doors of most professors of statistics. Indeed, while it may be possible to correlate such diverse phenomena as stock market trends with the number of sunspots, it is difficult to imagine the linkage between them.

Dr Alan Bernstein

Health research will shape this century

By Dr Alan Bernstein

In today’s knowledge-based economy, health research is a key driver of economic growth. Our nation’s future prosperity and health is critically dependent on our ability to develop new scientific knowledge, to exploit it in Canada, to develop new products and services to alleviate all facets of disease, and to develop an innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable health system.

Dr Thomas Brzustowski

Strategic leap-frogging

By Dr Thomas Brzustowski

I see a very close link between the federal government’s goal of moving to 5th place in R&D per capita and the forthcoming innovation agenda. To start with, the goal of moving from 15th place to 5th is very attractive.

Dr David Strangway

Focus on innovation more important than ever
By Dr David Strangway

The events of four weeks ago make this a year like no other. All of the rules changed in the blink of an eye, making the task of identifying and setting the government’s fiscal priorities more complex and challenging than it has been in generations.

John de la Mothe

Consultation in the Absence of Strategy and Coordination
By John de la Mothe

It looks like Canada’s on the verge of a season of government consultations around innovation. Industry Canada has unofficially let it be known that a cross-country tour will accompany its Innovation Agenda, whenever it finally appears.

Peter Leach

High Tech Slow Down – An Opportunity for Academia
By Peter Leach

Had a successful high tech career? Looking for new challenges? Ready to contribute to new ideas and to help develop the next generation of researchers? Laid-off experienced industrial researchers will soon see new opportunities with a career change.

Dr Peter Hackett

Two Solitudes or Three?
By Dr Peter Hackett

Not too long ago, you could have spoken of federal and private sector research as two solitudes. When you consider Canadian universities, and how those researchers weren’t connecting much with either government or industrial research, maybe we should have said three solitudes.

Roger Voyer

Looking through the wrong end of the telescope
By Roger Voyer

The federal government is at it again. It wants to improve Canada’s ranking in research and development by moving the Gross Expenditures on R&D (GERD) from about 1.

John McDougall

Canada needs to focus on adding value to research
By John R McDougall

One of the key issues for Canada today is whether and how well we gain advantage from the increasing government investment in research and development (R&D).