Article Type: Opinion Leader

Howard Burton

Worthy Precedents
By Howard Burton

Anyone anxious to solicit government funding for their cause quickly learns that “precedent” is a four letter word: “I’d love to help you, sir”, says the earnest bureaucrat, “but there is no existing program for your project”.

Dr William G. Doubleday

Federal Science : Working Together for Canadians
Dr William G. Doubleday

The need for excellent science to support government policies and actions is compelling. Experience with the Canadian blood system and mad cow disease in the United Kingdom demonstrates the high costs of failure to incorporate sound science in government policy quickly and effectively.

Dr Peter Hackett

New thinking needed for managing federal S&T

By Dr Peter Hackett

The federal in-house S&T capacity is the only entity that the federal government can explicitly direct to meet Canada’s needs in an era in which science is the defining force in society.

Peter Calamai

The Seven Sins of Science Writers

By Peter Calamai

Nobel laureate Sir Harold Kroto, a British chemist who worked briefly at the National Research Council of Canada, recently voiced a long-standing complaint common among scientists about the media coverage of science.

Dr. Robert Crawhall

Linking research investment to value creation

By Dr Robert Crawhall

Today in Canada, we are in the midst of a fundamental restructuring of the Information, Computing and Telecommunications (ICT) industry in Canada.

David Pecaut

The Future of E-Learning
By David Pecaut

Let’s look at e-learning from the perspective of our children. Children are exposed to the Internet from an early age. It’s as much a part of their lives as television was to the previous generation.

Benoit Godin

Innovation Strategy’s Most Difficult Challenge
By Benoit Godin

The Federal Government has just released its new Innovation Strategy. The document sets a series of important targets to be achieved by 2010 for the country, among them: rank among the top five countries in terms of R&D performance; double the Government of Canada’s current investments in R&D; rank among world leaders in new innovations; and double the number of research personnel in our current labour force.

Ron Freedman

Hats Off to the Bureaucrats
By Ron Freedman

Industry Canada and HRDC bureaucrats deserve praise for keeping the innovation policy ship of state afloat through stormy political seas. Surviving a fiscal downturn, last-minute ministerial changes, central agency meddling, and internecine party warfare, the Government of Canada’s new innovation strategy (Achieving Excellence: Investing in People, Knowledge and Opportunity) boldly outlines 10 federal priorities and 15 explicit short- and long-term targets.

Dennis Fitzpatrick

The View from a Research Grants Office

By Dennis Fitzpatrick

Recent science research funding news has been excellent. Significant Federal government commitments have been made. The budget of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) increased by $ 36.

Dr Marc Renaud

Some Hard Facts on “Soft Sciences”

By Dr Marc Renaud

When young people seek advice on what to study at university, the “fact-based” comments they get back are often like these: “The smartest people are going into the “hard” sciences.