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The emerging Indigenous economy is essential to Canada’s future prosperity

Amidst daily media reports of conflicts between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people on everything from fishing rights to safe drinking water, a speaker at the recent Research Money conference offered a more optimistic view on the economic potential of Indigenous engagement and empowerment.

Why Canada needs a national vaccine strategy

The private sector has little appetite for manufacturing small-volume, niche vaccines for pandemic viruses. That’s why any primary manufacturing facility for vaccines like COVID-19 need to be federally owned and operated.

Canada’s next industrial strategy needs to focus on business innovation

By Bert van den Berg The New North Star II report should be lauded for suggesting the creation of a national, challenge-driven industrial strategy.  As others have noted, such a strategy would represent an important change for Canada. Past decades have seen a laissez-faire approach focused on ensuring favourable business conditions … an approach that…