Article Type: Op-Ed

William Coderre

Commercialization needs an active industrial research & development strategy
By William Coderre

The current government push on commercialization of the results of publicly funded research, while appropriate to a degree, addresses only one half of the equation.

Ron Freedman

Time to Focus on Industrial Research
By Ron Freedman

Since the sluicegates opened on university research funding in 1997, the policy community has been preoccupied with measuring funding inputs and tweaking commercial outputs in the higher education sector.

David Crane

TPC plays key role in innovation
By David Crane

The United States spends significant amounts of money each year to help its businesses advance technologies and commercialize their application. This is accepted as part of the process of building a competitive economy.

Dr Eliot Phillipson

Is it time for innovation in research funding?
By Dr Eliot Phillipson

The discovery of new knowledge, like all creative human activity, remains dependent on the “basic unit of research,” the human mind.

Claire Morris

Research investments make sense
By Claire M. Morris

When I arrived in Saskatoon for the opening of the Canadian Light Source synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan a few months ago, my taxi driver immediately asked if I was in town for the opening.

Ken Lawless

Canada needs to consolidate lead in global biopharmaceutical sector
By Ken Lawless

Canada’s lead in biotechnology, and biotech’s rising influence, is providing a “second chance” at establishing a leading role in the global pharmaceutical industry.

Dr Tom Brzustowski University research supporting innovation

By Dr Tom Brzustowski

Since 1997, the Government of Canada has been investing in university research in science and engineering to help put Canadian R&D on track to catch up with the leaders of the industrialized world.

Mike Lazaridis

The Importance of Basic Research
By Mike Lazaridis

What is the purpose of a university? Most people believe that a university exists to educate and to perform research. But it has a higher role, a sacred trust, to pass down all the knowledge that we’ve accumulated to the next generation, while developing new knowledge in the process.

John Shepherd

Innovation and Capital (Part Two)
By John Shepherd

The fusion of technological innovation and private capital is the key to productivity growth and to the success of the National Innovation Strategy.

John Shepherd

National Innovation Strategy, Part One
By John Shepherd

“In themselves inventions are passive … waiting for a sufficient store of force to have accumulated to set them working. That store must always take the shape of money, not hoarded, but in motion.