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MDA’s big bet on commercial space stations

Canada’s high-profile space industry firm MDA has positioned its flagship product, the Canadarm, for installation on a new commercial space station to be constructed by the US firm Axiom.

Health Research Foundation supports health system resilience in wake of COVID

The Health Research Foundation, created by the pharmaceutical industry consortium Innovative Medicines Canada, has created two research chairs at the University of British Colombia and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The two posts are dedicated to exploring how to make Canadian health care more resilient to major challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Quebec supports quantum leap for enterprises

The Quebec government has established a $20 million fund to help companies build working relationships with the research community, so that these enterprises can develop their IT platforms to handle the latest digital or even quantum technology.

New vaccine shows how Canada can tackle TB

A team of Canadian researchers at McMaster University is developing an inhalable TB vaccine that would act as a booster to strengthen immune protection right at the site of infection — the lungs. If successful, it would be among the first new effective TB vaccines in the world.