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B.C. researchers testing software solution to chronic under-reporting of dangerous drug events

Most Canadian doctors don’t comply with the Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act, also known as Vanessa’s Law, which requires hospitals and clinics to report adverse drug events to Health Canada. Two researchers are attempting to create a software platform to solve the problem — but establishing a national network requires overcoming extremely thorny policy issues.

Canada’s outdated flood maps are a liability. New funding could finally change that

As the climate heats up, severe flooding has taken lives and damaged communities in Western Europe, India, and China this summer. Canada has been spared extreme flooding but the risk here is just as real: Flooding is already the country’s most widespread and costly natural disaster. Part of the solution lies in updating the country’s flood maps, the majority of which are 20 to 25 years out of date. New federal support could make that a priority, but Canadians are already paying the price of inaction.