Article Type: Editorial

What the September federal election could mean for innovators in Canada

It’s official: Canada will have a federal election on September 20. The election appears to be Trudeau’s election to lose, but it will still offer opportunity to debate the Liberals’ track record and popularize new ideas in the innovation space, writes Sebastian Leck, Research Money’s managing editor.

Will Canada’s new investments in commercialization pay off?

Too often, the products of science and research done within Canada’s borders ends up being sold or commercialized elsewhere. But there’s been a strong effort in the last few months to attempt to reverse the decades-long trend, writes Research Money’s managing editor Sebastian Leck.

America is betting big on fusion energy. Canada must do the same with hydrogen.

An overlooked section of the recent American Energy Act of 2020 outlines a sweeping new plan to build a domestic fusion energy industry, modelled on the recent success of the commercial spaceflight industry. Canada has an opportunity to do the same with our burgeoning homegrown hydrogen economy.