Person: Richard Sutton

Agrafioti and Bengio to chair new Advisory Council on AI

Innovation minister Navdeep Bains has launched the Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence to advise government on how to build Canada’s AI strengths, create economic growth and ensure AI advancements reflect Canadian values such as human rights, transparency and openness. The new council will establish a working group on commercializing value from Canadian-owned AI and data…

Vector Institute aims to play key role in Canada’s bid to maintain AI leadership

Geoff Hinton, Yoshua Bengio and Richard Sutton may not be household names but in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) these Canadian researchers are superstars at the forefront of a field that is attracting a host of marquee tech titans angling to gain competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving field. Yet many highly accomplished AI researchers have left Canada to seek opportunity elsewhere prompting a remarkable alignment of government, academia and industry to make Canada the go-to destination for AI advancements in an ever-expanding range of industry sectors.