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Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker has been named consul general in Seattle WA, effective September/04. Parker has served as executive director of Technology Partnerships Canada since 2001 and held several senior positions at Treasury Board Secretariat, Department of Finance and Privy Council Office between 1993 and 2000….

Michael Fine

Michael Fine has been appointed consul general in Denver CO. Fine served as executive director of the Innovation Secretariat in 2003 before taking a position at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade…

Dr Xiaoyi Bao

Dr Xiaoyi Bao is the inaugural recipient of Univ of Ottawa Inventor of the Year Award. Bao holds a Canada Research chair in fibre optics and photonics. She is considered a world leader in remote sensing using photonics, specifically Brillouin scattering-based distributed fibre optic sensors and characterization using lasers and optical cable. The research is…


Correction A notice on the retirement of Dr William Bridger in the April 24/04 issue of RE$EARCH MONEY incorrectly stated the date in which he was appointed to the Alberta Ingenuity Fund as its president and CEO. Bridger joined the organization in September 2001.


Clarification The May 10/04 issue of RE$EARCH MONEY carried an editorial containing an assertion that may have been misleading. The editorial discussed recent data from Statistics Canada showing that the number of industrial R&D performers has declined over the past seven years. The statement that many people have reacted to the data with shock and…

Paul Dufour

Paul Dufour has been appointed senior advisor for international science in the recently created office of the National Science Advisor in the Privy Council Office, for a one-year term. Dufour is a veteran of the federal science and technology community, most recently serving as a senior program specialist at the International Development Research Centre (IDRC),…

Dr Karen Hitchcock

Dr Karen Hitchcock has been appointed president of Queen’s Univ, the first non-Canadian ever chosen for the position. She replaces Dr William Leggett who has completed a 10-year term. The US-born Hitchcock was most recently president of Univ at Albany, State University of New York, where sponsored research income rose 46% over the past six…

Joe Fontana

Joe Fontana has been appointed chair of the Council of Science and Technology Advisors (CSTA), a government-created body to provide strategic advice on the management of internal S&T. Fontana, a Liberal MP for London North Centre, is parliamentary secretary to the prime minister for science and small business. The CSTA was chaired until December/03 by…

Paul Dufour

On the Shape of Science Advice to Come?

By Paul Dufour

NRC President Arthur Carty has lots of new friends and critical new challenges. It was gratifying to see his appointment by the prime minister as national science adviser, as well as the challenging mandate for Dr Carty in the Speech From the Throne and its subsequent response.

Paul Dufour

The Maple Leaf , the Blackberry & Shawinigan Science Policy
By Paul Dufour

In this era of rapid technological change and media saturation, psychologists and other social scientists have been busy analysing a unique, modern-day hubris.