Person: Paul Dufour

Requiem for a National Network Program

This article is part of our Fast Policy Facts online series By Paul Dufour December 12, 2018 With the news that the Trudeau administration is apparently terminating the former Mulroney administration’s Networks of Centres of Excellence Programme and replacing it with a new scheme, a 30-year-old experiment has come to a close. No rationale or…

‘Reimagining’ National Academies: A Northern Minerva Reboots

‘Reimagination’ is very much in the news today (not to be confused with the imagineers at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D subsidiary). We saw the word trotted out in the 2018 federal Budget on how the 101-year-old National Research Council (NRC) was going to form a new conception of itself — not that it hasn’t been reimagined several times before.

Ontario’s new chief scientist to serve advisory role

After a months-long public search, Ontario has announced the appointment of Dr Molly Shoichet as its first chief scientist who will advise the provincial premier on science and innovation policy based on scientific evidence.