Person: Dr Robert Walker

Dr Robert Walker

Dr Robert Walker has been appointed ADM S&T at National Defence and CEO of Defence R&D Canada (DRDC), replacing Dr John Leggat who retired earlier this year (R$, July 22/05). Walker is a 28-year veteran of DRDC, holding a number of senior of positions. His most recent position was DG R&D programs, which he has…

Dr Stan Shapson

Dr Stan Shapson has been appointed interim president of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Shapson will serve beginning September 1 following the departure of Dr Marc Renaud until the federal government selects a replacement. Shapson will continue to serve as VP research and innovation at York Univ and travel to Ottawa on…

Dr Murray McLaughlin

Dr Murray McLaughlin has stepped down as president and CEO of Foragen Technologies Management Inc, one of four early stage venture capital firms established in the 1990s by the Royal Bank. McLaughlin is currently deciding whether to accept another full-time position or establish a consulting firm. He has extensive experience in agricultural S&T, having served…

Dr Mick Bhatia

Dr Mick Bhatia has been recruited to head up a recently created institute for human cancer and stem cell biology research at McMaster Univ. Bhatia formally begins his duties Jan 1/06 in a facility, housed in the new Michael G DeGroote Centre for Learning and Discovery and financed with a $105-million donation from retired industrialist…

Dr Jim Lee

Dr Jim Lee, Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO), for his work with radar non-magnetron transmitters;

Keith Hendey

Keith Hendey and Brad Cain of Defence Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine for developing a suite of human factors engineering tools;

John Evans

John Evans and Paul Pace of Defence R&D Canada Corporate,and George Fournier from Defence Research Establishment Valcartier (DREV) for new a methodology related to unmaned aerial vehicles;

Garry Heard

Garry Heard of defence Research Establishment Atlantic (DREA) for work on underwater acoustic sensors;

Dr Terry Foster

Dr Terry Foster of DREA for developing ship coatings that reflect incident solar energy;

Davild Di Filippo

Davild Di Filippo, Gary Geling and Steven Hughes of DREO for work on advanced radar system modelling and simulation;