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Canada needs a targeted industrial strategy to improve innovation performance, experts say

Canada’s continued poor performance in innovation and business productivity is due to a failure to link publicly funded research and innovation programs to an industrial strategy based on the country’s strengths, say innovation experts. Meanwhile, studies by University of Toronto researchers show the federal innovation agenda has negatively impacted funding for basic, investigator-driven research but hasn’t addressed the underlying problem of industrial innovation in Canada.

Experts are questioning the focus and merits of Ontario’s new IP plan

Some academic researchers are questioning the focus and merits of Ontario’s new IP plan and whether it’s the right policy tool to achieve the province’s economic goals. But the plan’s supporters say it will help generate intellectual property and commercialize research done by post-secondary institutions for the benefit of Ontario’s economy.

Canada signs WIPO Patent Treaty Law

Canada has signed the new Patent Treaty Law (PLT) of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in a move to simpilfy and harmonize administrative practice among national and regional intellectual property (IP) offices. The accord is designed to stimulate innovation, encourage the use of IP systems and facilitate access by Canadians to foreign IP offices.…