Organization: University of Guelph

The Short Report – May 8, 2019: Cannabis R&D, fuel cell demo, accelerator funding

With the goal becoming a mainstream healthcare company, Smiths Falls, ON-based Canopy Growth Corp. has spun off a new division – Spectrum Therapeutics – to oversee the company’s commercial medical and clinical research operations including Spectrum Cannabis, Canopy Health Innovations, and recently acquired Germany-based C3Cannabinoid Compound Company, which develops cannabinoid-based medical therapies. – Canopy Growth…

Genome Canada considers awarding grants directly to companies

Genome Canada may expand its successful Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) and award funds directly to companies with the in-house capacity to develop potentially disruptive technologies. The current GAPP program — which announced the results of its latest competition May 26 — only funds university researchers with industry partners, usually small firms that lack the in-house expertise to undertake research projects.

Bioenterprise Corp receives federal-provincial funding

Bioenterprise Corp is receiving $2 million over five years to assist knowledge-based start-up firms in the Ontario agricultural sector. The matching federal-provincial funding was announced December 8 although the funding has been flowing for more than one year. “The intent is to mobilize experienced talent in the agri-food field to help knowledge-based start-ups succeed,” says…