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Editorial: Can anyone tell me why I need 5G?

Purveyors of 5G hardware are eager to tell us how important this technology will be for Canadian innovation, but new goods and services arising from this technology are likely to come from its users, not necessarily its manufacturers. Although the Chinese firm Huawei was banned as a manufacturer, it remains an active partner with many of the early adopters of 5G systems, which raises questions about whether Canadians will enjoy any of the economic benefits generated by innovation carried out and supported by Canada. It is a tale as old as the inventor of fire, who reaped few rewards compared with those learned how to work with fire.

Indigenous health at the heart of new research network

Indigenous people in Canada have much higher rates of heart disease than the national average, yet they are underrepresented in cardiovascular research initiatives. A new health research network intends to correct this problem by integrating Indigenous community members into investigative work.

Good to Know

“The time is now for all stakeholders — funders, institutions, publishers and researchers — to consider how we can work together to dismantle systemic legacies of exclusion.” From an editorial in Nature, published 30 May 2022, outlining the journal’s new policy to address the problem of “helicopter research” — when researchers from high-income settings conduct…

Health Research Foundation supports health system resilience in wake of COVID

The Health Research Foundation, created by the pharmaceutical industry consortium Innovative Medicines Canada, has created two research chairs at the University of British Colombia and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. The two posts are dedicated to exploring how to make Canadian health care more resilient to major challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Short Report – Feb. 2, 2022: Canadian cleantech companies make Top 100 global list, major VC funds launched by MaRS and Deloitte Canada, regional tech ecosystems see record investment, and more

GOVERNMENT NEWS Environment and Climate Change Canada has opened the second round of applications for $200 million in funding for climate action initiatives through the Low Carbon Economy Fund “Champions” funding stream. Applicants can request between $1 million to $25 million for eligible project expenditures. Since being launched in 2018, the Low Carbon Economy Challenge…

Could small modular reactors help to achieve Canada’s net-zero emissions goals?

Proponents say small modular nuclear reactors will be needed for Canada to meet its climate goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. But opponents argue that spending public money on the nuclear technology doesn’t make economic or environmental sense, and they’re calling on the federal government to immediately cease all such investment.