Organization: Public Services and Procurement Canada

Effective communication is a key tool for wise ICT procurement and increased productivity

Investment by governments and businesses in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) requires effective verbal communication about project needs, goals and accountability, which will minimize waste, save money and enhance the reputation of both Canada’s ICT industry and the nation’s productivity, says Henry Huang, a systems engineer and author, in an op-ed.

Forest industry emerging as a leader in Canada’s innovation economy

Canada’s forest industry is tapping innovation with the aim of growing the nation’s GDP while slashing carbon emissions. Federal government funding and policy support for the innovation drive has been strong, say industry executives and innovation leaders. But more effort is needed to improve procurement programs and regulations, especially for biochemicals and biomaterials.

Proposed model policy on scientific integrity doesn’t go far enough: An outsider’s critique

Scientific integrity is the adherence to professional values and practices when conducting, reporting and applying the results of scientific activities. It ensures objectivity, clarity and reproducibility while providing insulation from bias, fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, political interference, and censorship.

On July 31st, the Office of the Chief Science Advisor released a draft copy of a policy developed as a result of a Memorandum of Agreement between the Treasury Board and the Public Service of Canada – “Respect of Scientific Integrity”.