Organization: Ottawa Health Research Institute

New software tool aims to be “one-stop shop” for COVID-19 recommendations

Researchers at McMaster University, along with an international team of collaborators, have launched a freely accessible living map of COVID-19 guidelines. In developing the electronic platform, their goal  is to help decision-makers quickly access and use the best-available scientific advice related to the pandemic from around the world. 

Invitrogen teams with Inter’l Regulome Consortium

The International Regulome Consortium (IRC) has signed a letter of intent with Invitrogen Corp to develop tools for stem cell research. IRC will use Invitrogen’s expertise in stem cell biology to accelerate its research into determining how stem cells give rise to specialized cells such as neurons. IRC is a third generation, international genomics project…

Cancer research team receives Terry Fox award

The Terry Fox Foundation has awarded $6.3 million to a group of seven research teams developing and testing oncolytic viruses such as cancer therapeutics. Led by Dr John Bell, senior scientist at the Ottawa Health Research Institute, the research teams include scientists from Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary. The grant was made through a competitive…