Organization: Ontario government

Opinion Leader: Much stronger public sector support needed for industry’s commercialization of intellectual property

More public sector support is needed to help Canadian companies generate and protect valuable intellectual property, because businesses are failing to exploit their IP and reap the economic benefits for Canadians, Daniel Katz, lead research analyst at Global Advantage Consulting Group, and Natalie Raffoul, managing partner of Brion Raffoul LLP, say in an op-ed.

Ontario fund seeks innovative projects in clean tech

The Ontario government is investing $26 million in a new Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF) for clean tech projects to help firms reduce their greenhouse emissions. The funding has been earmarked for projects that will use emerging and innovative technologies in the areas of alternative energy generation and conservation, new biofuels or bioproducts, next-generation transportation…

Ontario launches new venture capital fund

The Ontario government is contributing $50 million to start a new venture capital fund which it hopes will eventually reach $300 million with participation from private investors. The federal government is also reportedly matching the provincial contribution as part of its strategy for $400 million committed to VC in the 2012 Budget. The as-yet-unnamed fund…