Organization: Ocean Frontier Institute

New big data initiative to support Canada’s ocean economy

The federal government, industry and academia have officially launched DeepSense, a “big ocean data innovation environment” based at Dalhousie University in Halifax. The partnership will enable companies to benefit from technology solutions for real-world ocean-related data challenges and help them make better-informed commercial decisions. DeepSense will also create a pool of highly qualified people with…

Dr Richard Florizone

Dalhousie Univ’s president is leaving the Nova Scotia university to join an innovation lab in Ontario. Dalhousie’s chair of the Board of Governors, Lawrence Stordy, announced on the university website that Dr Richard Florizone will be leaving Dalhousie for Quantum Valley Ideas Lab of Waterloo in the new year. Florizone, who has a PhD in…

Aquaculture and energy firms team up to bid for oceans supercluster in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada has taken the next logical step in its decade long effort to build a regional expertise in oceans technology with the formation of an industry-led consortium that is vying to become one of a handful of federally funded innovation superclusters. Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL) and Clearwater Seafoods Inc have submitted a letter of intent to the federal government in a joint bid for supercluster funding.

MEOPAR to increase focus on partner needs as part of $28.5 million renewal

The MEOPAR Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) has been renewed for another five years, including additional funding to implement a research plan that directly responds to the needs of partners and end-users. The Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) received $28.5 million from the ‘classic’ NCE program that will leverage an equal amount in cash and in-kind from an array of academic, non-profit, industry and government partners who also have a stake in better understanding and mitigate marine risks and hazards.

Leveraging ocean science as an innovation engine for Atlantic Canada

RE$EARCH MONEY editor Mark Henderson recently spoke to John Risley, Nova Scotia’s widely-recognized seafood baron and one of the province’s most influential corporate citizens, about Atlantic Canada’s strategy and prospects for becoming a global innovation hub of ocean-related science.