Organization: Natural Resources Canada

Energy and resource tables to serve regional green energy strengths

The federal government is creating a series of forums to allow representatives from the country’s energy and resource sectors to contribute to the development of a national low-carbon industrial strategy. These forums are aimed at a wide range of public and private participants, who will be asked for observations and proposals that reflect the varying needs of each region.

The Short Report – June 22, 2022: A big investment in CCRM’s OmniaBio, feds seek to advance digital charter, forging a new oil sands alliance, launching a climate impact accelerator, and more.

South Korea’s Medipost acquires OmniaBio for contract development and manufacturing; Ottawa introduces legislation to bolster trust in the digital economy; a new oil sands alliance combines Canada’s three major oil producers, KPMG Canada and MaRS Discovery District launch a climate impact accelerator program, and more.

Novel energy source has its ups and downs

Canada is well positioned to develop a proposed new technology that could turn high-rise buildings into giant “gravity batteries” for producing and storing energy, improving buildings’ energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Dr. Julian Hunt, PhD, research scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, says in an op-ed.

Canada’s first “credible” climate plan requires rapid policy implementation and massive investment, independent experts say

The federal government’s new climate plan is the most credible ever produced with the policies needed to meet Canada’s climate goals, but it will take accelerated policy implementation, massive private and public investment, and unprecedented technology deployment to actually achieve carbon emissions-reduction targets in 2030 and 2050, according to two independent think tanks.