Organization: Mila (Quebec Institute of Artificial Intelligence)

The Short Report – March 17, 2021: Canadian government invests heavily to bolster biomanufacturing, D-Wave Systems gets funding for quantum tech, Canada’s largest study on aging gets a top-up, and more

The Government of Canada seeks to bolster Canada’s biomanufacturing capacity, D-Wave receives $40 million to accelerate Canada’s quantum technology development, the federal government invests in Canada’s longest-ever study on aging, Quebec’s Lion Electric gets ready to break ground on a new battery manufacturing plant, and more.

New laws and regulations urgently needed to address AI risks, say experts

Canadian policymakers have been very influential in promoting responsible artificial intelligence (AI) globally, according to experts participating in the third annual AICan meeting. But as the development, deployment and use of autonomous systems accelerates, Canada urgently needs new laws and regulations to ensure they benefit everyone.