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Digital Technology Supercluster gearing up to deliver successes

The British Columbia-based Digital Technology Supercluster is on track to launch its initial collaborative public-private sector projects in October, says chief executive Sue Paish, who expects the initiative will change how the world sees Canada.

Research Money ≠ Research Effort

Expenditure-based measures have been the most successful and best used indicator of innovation to date because the data can be collected with minimal effort and maximum accuracy (not perfect) and interpreted without huge complexities.

The Next 36 announces expansion as NEXT Canada

The Next 36 has rebranded itself as NEXT Canada and expanded its executive suite as it develops an enhanced business plan for release in the coming months. Founded in 2010, NEXT Canada aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and facilitate access by young entrepreneurs through mentorship, education and networking. Joining the organization as CEO is…

Gates warns of deteriorating US innovation capacity

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates used his last appearance before the US House of Representatives to send a warning signal to legislators over the US state of innovation and competitiveness. Citing severe restrictions on immigration and the poor math and science performance of US students, Gates said American high-tech firms are in danger of losing their…