Organization: Government of Canada

Q&A: Former environment and climate change minister Catherine McKenna on COP26 and Canada’s climate plans

Catherine McKenna, former minister of environment and climate change and former minister of infrastructure and communities, spoke to Research Money about the outcomes of the COP26 climate summit, the federal emissions cap on the oil and gas industry, federal investment needed to ensure the country meets its emissions-reduction targets and her two “passions”: climate action and supporting women and girls.

Effective communication is a key tool for wise ICT procurement and increased productivity

Investment by governments and businesses in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) requires effective verbal communication about project needs, goals and accountability, which will minimize waste, save money and enhance the reputation of both Canada’s ICT industry and the nation’s productivity, says Henry Huang, a systems engineer and author, in an op-ed.

Opinion Leader: Canada’s early focus on artificial intelligence is starting to reap commercial benefits

Canada’s early contributions and long-standing academic expertise in artificial intelligence are now generating growing funding for and revenue in AI in drug development, but the country’s AI-enabled drug development industry faces significant challenges in coming years, Dr. Ulrik Kristensen, PhD, founder and principal analyst at UK-based Emersion Insights, says in an op-ed.