Organization: Fisheries and Marine Institute

The Short Report – Dec. 22, 2021: Trudeau releases mandate letters, a promising brain diseases partnership, a national survey of young people’s attitudes towards science, and more

A new Quebec neuroscience partnership may advance drug discovery for brain diseases through AI and Open Science; a CFI national survey shows most young adults have confidence in science; Dr. Leah Cowen has been named the University of Toronto’s vice-president, research and innovation, and strategic initiatives, and more.

Gas hydrate projects receive funding

Newfoundland’s Research & Development Corp is investing $313,000 in two gas hydrate research projects to determine the petroleum resource potential of western Newfoundland. The projects will be led by C-CORE and Memorial Univ‘s Fisheries and Marine Institute. The funding is provided through RDC’s three-year GeoEXPLORE program, which has invested $1.2 million in 15 projects….