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Businesses, innovators aim to make Canada a global leader in Internet of Things

Ottawa is a growing international centre for companies providing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and related software. Alberta wants to become the next major tech centre focused on IoT. Here’s how Canadian businesses and innovators are ramping up efforts to make Canada a world leader in IoT technologies and services.

TRIUMF business arm looking into broader industry collaborations

Can science and business fruitfully cohabitate? It’s possible. And it’s happening in a Vancouver university campus where physicists can be found hard at work on their cyclotron particle accelerator in one room while industry people are in another room testing for radiation particles. These are common-day activities in TRIUMF, one of Canada’s large-scale research facilities, which is home to hundreds of researchers from academia, other research institutes and industry from across Canada and around the world.

CANARIE participates in longest 10 Gig transmission

CANARIE’s CA*net 4 network has participated in a project creating the world’s longest 10 Gigabit ethernet circuit stretching from the Univ of Tokyo to CERN in Geneva Switzerland. The interconnecting light path was 18,500 km long and spanned 17 time zones, using equipment from Nortel Networks Corp, Foundry Networks, Cisco Systems and others. The demonstration…

Alberta launches SUPERNET broadband initiative

The Alberta government has awarded a $193-million contract to a consortium led by Bell Intrigna to build Alberta SUPERNET, a high-speed broadband network connecting every hospital, school, library and government facility I the province. In a related deal, the Alberta government has also committed to spend $169 million over five years with Bell Intrigna and…