Organization: Canada West Foundation

Opinion Leader: Micro credentials require specific components to be credible and effective

The design and delivery of micro credentials require specific components to make them a truly effective solution both for people who need to increase their competencies and the employers who need to hire them, Janet Lane, Director of the Human Capital Centre at the Canada West Foundation, and Stephen Murgatroyd, Chief Information Officer at Contact North, say in an op-ed.

The Short Report, April 1, 2020: EU will integrate COVID-19 stimulus with green transition; researchers team up to share resources and materials in fight against COVID-19; and more

The European Union will adapt its economic response to the COVID-19 pandemic in support of the continent-wide Green Deal adopted in December. Europe wants to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through a growth strategy that will “transform its economy and society to put it on a more sustainable path.” In a new statement, EU’s leaders…

Short Report, February 5, 2020: Most Canadian boards still don’t include women; merit-based grants offer big economic returns; McMaster researchers establish a new form of computing

A StatCan study of Canadian corporations in 2016/17 found that most of their boards didn’t include women: over 60% had no women members. The number of women on boards is growing, but very slowly, say experts. – BNN Bloomberg The University of British Columbia became the first Canadian post-secondary institution to join the Center for Open…