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The Short Report, March 4, 2019: Kirsty Duncan moves for a standing committee on science and research; Alberta cuts post-secondary education funding; Canadian miners make an action plan

The Short Report: New Parliamentary standing committee proposed for science and research; new Protein Industries Supercluster projects; Alberta cuts post-secondary education funding while Ontario increases it; boosting competitiveness of Canada’s mining sector; creating research internships for students; Canadian science for the Moon; developing small nuclear reactor technology; and more.

UDMN issues call for new proposals

The Ultra-Deep Mining Network (UDMN) has issued a call for proposals for projects involving mining companies and academics. The CFP is aimed at aligning problems facing industry with new projects and increasing the level of collaboration between network members and other network members. Since the CFP was launched November 30th, three new mining companies have…

CQDM enters joint program with Massachusetts centre

The Quebec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM) has entered a cross-border partnership with the Massachusetts Life Sciences Centre (MLSC), Waltham MA to support late-stage R&D companies from the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, diagnostics and bioinformatics sectors. The agreement will see the creation of the International Collaborative Industry Program (ICIP) aimed at increasing innovation, productivity, investment…