Organization: ArcticNet

The Short Report – April 24, 2019: ArcticNet, e-DNA, autonomous greenhouse

ArcticNet‘s funding was renewed for $32.5 million over five years, enabling it to evolve beyond the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program and become a permanent pan-Canadian research centre. During this funding period, ArcticNet’s research will focus on the sustainable development of the “Blue Economy” (shipping, fisheries, tourism, and mining), and growing postsecondary research and training…

NCE shortlists 11 for 2018-19 competition

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) has announced 11 shortlisted candidates that will proceed to the next phase of the 2018-19 competition that is open to both new and established networks. The 11 networks bested 58 other proposals and will submit full proposals by July. This competition marks the first time both new and…

Editorial – 30-9

Kudos to the tri-agency Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) for finally doing the right thing and offering the prospect of renewed support to deserving networks beyond the current funding limits of three, five-year terms.

Sunsetting and former NCEs thrown potential new lifeline in latest competition

A long-standing grievance that has plagued the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) since its creation 28 years ago is finally being addressed in the tri-agency’s latest funding competition. For the first time ever, the NCE is allowing former networks to compete alongside new networks for funding. Up for grabs is $75 million for over five years with the option to renew.

ArcticNet and RDC partner on offshore research

ArcticNet and Research and Development Corp of Newfoundland have partnered to use the Amundsen research icebreaker to better understand offshore and harsh weather environments. The 18-day expedition in April included Statoil and partner organizations as part of a 40-person research team led by the Univ of Manitoba’s Dr David Barber, studying meteorological, sea ice and…