Organization: Amgen Canada

The Short Report – March 17, 2021: Canadian government invests heavily to bolster biomanufacturing, D-Wave Systems gets funding for quantum tech, Canada’s largest study on aging gets a top-up, and more

The Government of Canada seeks to bolster Canada’s biomanufacturing capacity, D-Wave receives $40 million to accelerate Canada’s quantum technology development, the federal government invests in Canada’s longest-ever study on aging, Quebec’s Lion Electric gets ready to break ground on a new battery manufacturing plant, and more.

Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association appoints new CEO

The Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA) has named Kim Furlong its new CEO, replacing Mike Woollatt, now the director of strategic partnerships at OMERS Platform Investments. Furlong brings a combined background in business and politics. She spent the last decade leading external affairs for Amgen Canada. Previously, she was Vice President Federal Government…

Most Canadian youth won’t pursue STEM-based jobs

A majority of Canadian youth appreciate science-based disciplines and their importance but that interest doesn’t translate into pursuing science academically or in the workforce. A report by Let’s Talk Science and funded by Amgen Canada found 74% of youth recognized the importance of science but only 12% expressed interest in science-based jobs. FMI:….