Organization: Alberta Innovates

The Short Report – June 28, 2022: Anand’s NORAD upgrade plans for space-based surveillance system; new funding streams strengthen Canada’s clinical trials; CIFAR launches Phase 2 of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and more.

NORAD upgrades include plans for a space-based surveillance system and a science program with the US; three new funding streams to bolster Canada’s clinical trials, phase 2 of the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy launches, and more.

Alberta Innovates provides $9.1-million boost for the province’s tech SMEs

Alberta Innovates is investing more than 9.1 million in 15 projects aimed at supporting Alberta’s SMEs and addressing gaps in the innovation continuum from ideation to commercialization. The largest grant — nearly $1.35 million — went to Calgary-based Cybera Inc. for its newly established Applied Data Science Lab for Economic Development program.