Applied Research Comes of Age – Second Edition Is Here!

From coast to coast to coast, Applied Research Comes of Age brings you stories of incredible collaborations between the college community and industry, small and large businesses and the community at large.

Released in November 2019, the 40 page, full-colour booklet shines a spotlight on the applied research and industry partnerships happening at Canadian colleges, institutes, CEGEPs & polytechnics. Colleges and Institutes Canada and RE$EARCH MONEY collaborated on the project to feature the innovative work being done at these institutions and to bring it to the attention of key players in Canada’s innovation ecosystem and the federal government.

2018 was a historic year in which the federal government acknowledged the importance of applied research to improving Canada’s innovation performance. Last year’s booklet aimed to bring more cutting-edge work to the forefront for policy makers and other major representatives in Canada’s innovation landscape.

We have witnessed a growing appetite to expand the research capacity of our institutions, not only from our members, but also from thousands of private and not-for-profit partners, as well as from students who see the chance to work on an applied research project as one of the best forms of work-integrated learning.” – Denise Amyot, CICan President & CEO

[Work integrated learning] is invaluable for both students and firms as it allows students to help solve problems for the company’s customers and gain real-world experience that prepares them for future employment.” – Jeffrey Crelinsten, R$ Publisher & CEO