Co-creating Economic Recovery: New Models for Innovation Support

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For twenty years, the Research Money conference has been bringing together research and innovation leaders from government, business, finance, academia and the not-for-profit sector to review progress, identify challenges and propose solutions around Canada’s performance in the knowledge-based economy

Over this period, governments have come and gone, companies have appeared and disappeared, economic conditions have fluctuated and the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically. Through it all, our understanding of innovation has evolved and deepened. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically highlighted the need to innovate in all sectors, calling for nimbleness, resilience and enhanced self-sufficiency.

The 20th annual Research Money conference will engage speakers and participants in a dialogue on what we’ve learned from the current crisis and how best to move forward to achieve the goal we all share: prosperity and sustainable quality of life for Canadians and the world. The resulting cross-fertilization of ideas, expertise and experience always generates fresh thinking, new connections and valuable insights that empower participants to be their best going forward after the conference.

Speakers, Panelists, and Moderators include

Conference Program

Day 1 - June 1, 2021

Jun/1/2021 00:00 - Jun/4/2021 00:00

Co-creating Economic Recovery: New Models for Innovation Support