Author: Mark Lowey

After billions in funding, Strategic Innovation Fund failed to improve Canada’s innovation performance, experts say

Nearly $3.4 billion in federal spending through the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) during the last three years has failed to improve Canada’s “disastrous” innovation performance and productivity, say some innovation and policy experts. An analysis by Research Money of SIF data shows that Ontario, Quebec and foreign-based firms have received the lion’s share of SIF funding.

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Council of Canadian Academies launches federally-supported projects to assess urgent scientific challenges

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has launched four new, federally-supported projects to assess urgent scientific challenges. Expert panels will evaluate the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence for science and engineering, Canada’s carbon sink potential, public safety in the digital age, and the impacts of health and science misinformation.

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Canada needs a targeted industrial strategy to improve innovation performance, experts say

Canada’s continued poor performance in innovation and business productivity is due to a failure to link publicly funded research and innovation programs to an industrial strategy based on the country’s strengths, say innovation experts. Meanwhile, studies by University of Toronto researchers show the federal innovation agenda has negatively impacted funding for basic, investigator-driven research but hasn’t addressed the underlying problem of industrial innovation in Canada.

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