Author: Mark Lowey

Federal investment required to build a cell and gene therapy ecosystem in Canada, says Innovation Economy Council

A report from the Innovation Economy Council, an industry coalition, argues that Canada’s biomanufacturing strategy must look beyond vaccines and move into the even more important field cell and gene therapies. Federal support will be crucial to ensuring that these facilities are located in innovation centres across the country where they can thrive.

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Federally funded project aims to build collaborative network of SMEs to grow B.C.’s ag-tech sector

The “AGtech Innovation Sandbox” in British Columbia — which received $10 million in federal funding — aims to build a collaborative network of SMEs to grow the province’s ag-tech sector, based on an innovation model used to support companies developing digital health technologies. Meanwhile, Vancouver is ranked No. 9 in the world’s top 35 “ag-tech and new food” ecosystems, according to a new report from Startup Genome.

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Canada’s first “credible” climate plan requires rapid policy implementation and massive investment, independent experts say

The federal government’s new climate plan is the most credible ever produced with the policies needed to meet Canada’s climate goals, but it will take accelerated policy implementation, massive private and public investment, and unprecedented technology deployment to actually achieve carbon emissions-reduction targets in 2030 and 2050, according to two independent think tanks.

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