Author: Lindsay Borthwick

Championing a charter to facilitate health data sharing

A group of experts charged with providing strategic direction and roadmap for the maximizing the impact of health data is calling for the establishment of a Canadian Health Data Charter — one of 10 recommendations released this month as part of the Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy.

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New resource promotes fair compensation for women in STEMM

A database launched this month aims to normalize compensation for expertise in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) fields. It makes public crowdsourced data on speaker fees and honoraria — small but significant forms of reward and recognition in academia. 

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New federal Earth Observation strategy prioritizes open data

Canada’s new strategy for satellite Earth Observation (satellite EO) aims to ensure government, researchers and industry have the data they need to monitor the health of the planet and respond to climate change and security threats. There was no new funding attached to the strategy, but it supports Canada’s vision for space, which prioritizes harnessing space science and technology to solve important challenges on Earth.

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