New Canada 150 chairs announced in Ottawa

Ottawa recently announced more appointees to the Canada 150 Research Chairs, a program which attracted some of the top international researchers from all over the world to consider Canada their new home or to consider coming back home. The Canada 150 research chairs competition is funded in Budget 2017 for $117.6 million. The chairs come with a seven-year term at $350,000 per year and $1 million per year. The two tiers are intended to “acknowledge the varying costs of research objectives” with the proviso that the higher amount will be awarded to candidates of “exceptional calibre”. The funds are invested through the three granting councils, and Canada Foundation for Innovation is providing another $830,000 to support the program. More than 58% of the 24 chairs announced are women and 42% are Canadian expatriates. The 24 Canada 150 Research Chairs named to date, including those announced last December, hail from Australia, Austria, New Zealand, the US, the UK, and South Africa. The complete list of chairs can be found online.