Innovative Solutions Canada launches three new challenges to Canadian SMBs

Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) minister Navdeep Bains has announced a new round of challenges through the federal procurement program Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC). Launched late last year, ISC is designed to support R&D at small and mid-size businesses by inviting them to create products that answer specific government needs or requests. Winning businesses can pass through a three-phase process, receiving up to $150,000 for R&D in Phase 1 and up to $1 million to create a working prototype in Phase 2. In the third phase, the government helps the company commercialize the product by acting as first customer. The latest round of challenges come from National Research Council Canada (NRC): 1) develop tech to mould composite material for body armour; 2) develop tech to improve how robots physically interact with humans; and 3) develop a simulation tool to help aerospace manufacturers produce more cost-effective composite material structures.