In March 2020, Collège Boréal inaugurated its new centre for applied research: Research & Innovation Boréal (RIB)

This launch signaled College Boréal’s intention to make its expertise in applied research available to the communities it serves, thereby contributing to their economic vitality and sustainable development. Whether they relate to new agri-food technologies or early childhood education, our research projects focus on priorities identified in collaboration with RIB’s partners, in response to emerging opportunities. 

Advances in the field of energy-efficient construction have brought environmental sustainability into the mainstream of residential construction, leading many small and medium companies to adopt green approaches and technologies. The most innovative companies continue pushing the boundaries. 

Professor Denis Ouimette, Architecture Technology Program Coordinator, is presently working with two green innovators, Construction La Ray and Tooketree Passive Homes. Both partnered with Collège Boréal to design cutting-edge energy-efficient products for their customers.

With the help of Denis and his team of students, Construction La Ray is pioneering a high-performance window shutter which will prevent overheating and also reduce heat loss, energy consumption and GHG emissions. Tooketree Passive Homes is developing an innovative structural insulated panel that will improve building’s energy performance while reducing construction waste. 

Both projects will lead to long-term cost savings for customers while allowing them to further differentiate themselves within the construction industry, promoting sustainable building practices.