Egg farmers get federal funds for imaging technology

The Egg Farmers of Ontario will receive $844,000 for a project that can help find ways to cut production wastage and address animal welfare issues. Supported by the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program (CAAP), the first-of-a-kind research project is expected to encourage the adoption of imaging technology that enables eggs to be scanned non-invasively to identify gender and determine fertility soon after they are laid. The technology is touted to increase the output and efficiencies of hatcheries while promoting humane approaches in egg farming. In the long-run, project proponents envision tapping new technology and processes that will have multiplier effects on the entire egg supply chain at the domestic and global levels. The critical role of the Canadian egg industry could be inferred from its $1 billion annual contribution to the economy and its employment of 17,000 workers. CAAP is a federal funding initiative to help farmers remain competitive with pilot projects that address industry challenges.