Publisher’s Welcome 32-10

RESEARCH MONEY has made some exciting editorial changes to better serve our readers. In addition to a new managing editor, we now have three senior correspondents in different regions of the country.

I’m delighted to welcome Mark Mann, an award-winning journalist and editor based in Montreal, as R$’s new managing editor. Mark has been with us as a senior correspondent since late August, and we’re thrilled that he’s expanding his role. Mark has over a decade of experience writing for Canada’s most prominent magazines, newspapers and websites, covering topics related to health, technology, culture and the environment.

Mark Henderson, whom most of you know well from his 23 years as R$’s former managing editor, remains our senior correspondent in Ottawa. Mark continues to bring his passion for and deep understanding of Canada’s science, technology and innovation community to our readers.

Mark Lowey in Calgary joined the R$ team earlier this year. Mark’s long and distinguished career as a journalist and editor includes a 20-year stint at the Calgary Herald, numerous awards, and publishing and managing EnviroLine, a business publication for western Canada’s environmental business industry.

Lindsay Borthwick, an award-winning journalist and editor based in Toronto, is the newest member of R$’s editorial team. Lindsay has been a journalist for more than 15 years, specializing in science, health and the environment, and has worked as an editor at award-winning national magazines in the United States and Canada.

You can learn more about our growing family here.

I’m confident that this team of experienced journalists will bring our readers rich regional and national coverage of the complex issues around science, technology and innovation policy especially as they relate to wealth creation and enhanced quality of life for all Canadians.

Jeffrey Crelinsten
Publisher & CEO