Current Issue: Volume 30, Number 7

May 4, 2016

  1. Editorial
  2. Opinion Leader: Peter Morand, past president, NSERC and independent director, SOVAR
  3. Skilled workers, government support fast-track Huawei's "5G Ontario" expansion
  4. Statscan's collection of business R&D now includes social sciences and humanities
  5. Clean tech sector employment continues to rise as revenues fall for first time: report
  6. Three original NCE Knowledge Mobilization networks renewed through to 2019
  7. NCE program launches pilot to strengthen Canada's international research linkages
  8. Governor General Innovation Awards celebrate wide range of Canadian ingenuity
  9. US security concerns over Huawei result in growing R&D operations in Canada
  10. News Briefs
    • FTQ cites federal tax credit as it boosts investment plans
    • CIHR funds research into disease-environment link
    • Groups work to develop national fintech strategy
    • Deloitte and TMX collaborate with Lazaridis Institute
    • Tattoo removal cream licensed to Cipher
  11. People

    Dr Asimina Arvanitaki, Duncan Hawthorne, Kathleen Walsh, Dr Katie Gibbs, Daniel Friedman, Howard Lance, Dr Pascal Spothelfer and Dr Alan Winter.

   Breaking News!

   Conference News
  • The 15th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference was a great success! Presentations from the conference can be found here. Look out for the conference livestream video and proceedings, available soon.
  • Don't miss the Fundica Road Show! Connecting entrepreneurs with funding resources - learn more at!
  • The complete Conference Proceedings from the 14th Annual R$ Conference are available here.

   RE$EARCH MONEY Special Budget Coverage
  • Universities and basic research benefit from innovation-friendly Budget with promises of more to come
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  • A Science and Innovation Budget for the 21st Century
    By Dr Alan Bernstein

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  • Back to the Future? - Maybe No Bad Thing
    By Dr Richard Hawkins

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   Special Features
  • STIC assessment of Canadian STI performance called "disturbing"
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  • Coalition pushes federal government for $500-million investment in stem cell cures
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