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  • Don't miss the coming investment revolution.
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    Future Finance and Social Innovation:
    The Great Shift
  • The 15th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference was a great success! Presentations from the conference can be found here. Look out for the conference livestream video and proceedings, available soon.
  • The complete Conference Proceedings from the 14th Annual R$ Conference are available here.

   RE$EARCH MONEY Special Budget Coverage
  • Universities and basic research benefit from innovation-friendly Budget with promises of more to come
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  • A Science and Innovation Budget for the 21st Century
    By Dr Alan Bernstein
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  • Back to the Future? - Maybe No Bad Thing
    By Dr Richard Hawkins
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   Special Features
  • STIC assessment of Canadian STI performance called "disturbing"
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  • Coalition pushes federal government for $500-million investment in stem cell cures
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