Current Issue: Volume 30, Number 12

August 18, 2016

  1. Editorial
  2. Opinion Leader: Paul Dufour, fellow and adjunct professor, University of Ottawa
  3. Federal government chooses "tested civil servant" to lead assessment of NRC
  4. CMC Microsystems pitches academic and industrial merits of National Design Network
  5. Genome Canada announces GAPP program results as it negotiates for additional rounds
  6. CIHR changes peer review system following working meeting ordered by Health minister
  7. Report captures GDP, revenue and R&D impacts of Canadian aerospace industry
  8. FedDev invests $12 million in Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
  9. News Briefs
    • FedDev Ontario backs McMaster's BEAM facility
    • SDTC makes changes to application process
    • U of T to upgrade 47% of its research lab space
    • Budget for York's health care tech project reaches $34.5M
    • Opposition growing to Alberta health research cuts
  10. People

    Dr Robert Luke, Greg Hood, Bart Sullivan, Dr Edward (Ted) Sargent, Dr Judith Wolfson and Angelique Mannella.

   Special Features
  • Federal government chooses "tested civil servant" to lead assessment of National Research Council
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  • Equity crowdfunding fueling innovation - Nathan Rose
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   Conference News
  • Thank you to everyone who attended Future Finance and Social Innovation: The Great Shift. Look out for our special edition of R$ on Impact Investing and Social Finance coming soon!
  • The 15th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference was a great success! Presentations from the conference can be found here. Look out for the conference livestream video and proceedings, available soon.
  • The complete Conference Proceedings from the 14th Annual R$ Conference are available here.

   Breaking News!

   RE$EARCH MONEY Special Budget Coverage
  • Universities and basic research benefit from innovation-friendly Budget with promises of more to come
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  • A Science and Innovation Budget for the 21st Century
    By Dr Alan Bernstein
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  • Back to the Future? - Maybe No Bad Thing
    By Dr Richard Hawkins
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