Conference News
  • The proceedings from the 15th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference are now available. Catch up on anything you missed or re-visit the most interesting conference moments with in-depth coverage from Tim Lougheed. Download the proceedings now.
  • The 16th Annual RE$EARCH MONEY Conference will be
    4-5 April 2017 at the Sheraton Ottawa Hotel. Look for Early Bird Registration coming in October 2016.

   Upcoming Events
  • The National Angel summit is fast approaching! Join over 400 investors, partners and industry leaders from Oct 4-6 in Vancouver. Register here.
  • The 8th Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) will be happening Nov 8-10 in Ottawa. Learn more and register here.

   Special Features
  • Federal government chooses "tested civil servant" to lead assessment of National Research Council
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  • Equity crowdfunding fueling innovation - Nathan Rose
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   RE$EARCH MONEY Special Budget Coverage
  • Universities and basic research benefit from innovation-friendly Budget with promises of more to come
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