Topic: Innovation and Skills Plan

Feds announce chairs of Economic Strategy Tables

The federal government has appointed the chairs of four of the six Economic Strategy Tables that were announced in the last federal Budget as part of its new Innovation and Skills Plan. The industry leaders represent six high-growth sectors singled out by the government as having the best prospects for achieving innovative economic growth and…

Angel investment growth continues in 2016 but policy concerns remain unaddressed

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) is waiting for a federal policy response to its recommendations to stimulate the investment class as it reports a 15% year-over-year increase of its members’ investment activity for 2016. NACO members comprised of 34 distinct angel groups invested $157.2 million, up from $133.6 million in 2015 when 31 groups reported and the fourth consecutive year of increases.

Is Canada’s Innovation Budget ambitious enough?

Opinion is decidedly split on the federal government’s delivery of its promised innovation Budget. The March 22 budgetary planning document contains a wide range of measures related to skills, company financing, program consolidation and clean technology.